An overview of wireless sensor network security attacks: Mode of operation, severity and mitigation techniques

11/13/2020 ∙ by Onwuegbuzie Innocent Uzougbo, et al. ∙ 0

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is the network of the future. As it gradually gains ground by transforming our lives and environments into a Smart World, it will definitely call for attention from selfish minded Attackers. The first section of this paper introduces the Wireless Sensor Network, its constraints, architecture, and mode of operation. It goes ahead to discuss the applications of WSN in health, agriculture, military, transportation, environment, industries. However, WSN automatically inherits the security challenges of the traditional network. The Network security goals which are Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Authentication sometimes called the CIA of Network security is discussed with respect to WSN. This is followed by the security challenges of WSN, these challenges are categorized into two (2), Passive and Active Attacks, Passive attack is interested in the message, data or information that traverses the network without hindering the network channel or medium of communication while Active attack is interested in both the data as well as compromising and if possible shutting down the communication channel in order to hinders the smooth running of the network. In line with these security challenges, mitigation techniques are proffered to possibly prevent or lessen the severity of the attacks as its almost impossible to stop attackers from carrying out their malicious activities.



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