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An overview of event extraction and its applications

by   Jiangwei Liu, et al.

With the rapid development of information technology, online platforms have produced enormous text resources. As a particular form of Information Extraction (IE), Event Extraction (EE) has gained increasing popularity due to its ability to automatically extract events from human language. However, there are limited literature surveys on event extraction. Existing review works either spend much effort describing the details of various approaches or focus on a particular field. This study provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art event extraction methods and their applications from text, including closed-domain and open-domain event extraction. A trait of this survey is that it provides an overview in moderate complexity, avoiding involving too many details of particular approaches. This study focuses on discussing the common characters, application fields, advantages, and disadvantages of representative works, ignoring the specificities of individual approaches. Finally, we summarize the common issues, current solutions, and future research directions. We hope this work could help researchers and practitioners obtain a quick overview of recent event extraction.


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