An Optimized Hybrid Approach for Path Finding

04/09/2015 ∙ by Ahlam Ansari, et al. ∙ 0

Path finding algorithm addresses problem of finding shortest path from source to destination avoiding obstacles. There exist various search algorithms namely A*, Dijkstra's and ant colony optimization. Unlike most path finding algorithms which require destination co-ordinates to compute path, the proposed algorithm comprises of a new method which finds path using backtracking without requiring destination co-ordinates. Moreover, in existing path finding algorithm, the number of iterations required to find path is large. Hence, to overcome this, an algorithm is proposed which reduces number of iterations required to traverse the path. The proposed algorithm is hybrid of backtracking and a new technique(modified 8- neighbor approach). The proposed algorithm can become essential part in location based, network, gaming applications. grid traversal, navigation, gaming applications, mobile robot and Artificial Intelligence.



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