An Optimal Deterministic Algorithm for Geodesic Farthest-Point Voronoi Diagrams in Simple Polygons

02/26/2021 ∙ by Haitao Wang, et al. ∙ 0

Given a set S of m point sites in a simple polygon P of n vertices, we consider the problem of computing the geodesic farthest-point Voronoi diagram for S in P. It is known that the problem has an Ω(n+mlog m) time lower bound. Previously, a randomized algorithm was proposed [Barba, SoCG 2019] that can solve the problem in O(n+mlog m) expected time. The previous best deterministic algorithms solve the problem in O(nloglog n+ mlog m) time [Oh, Barba, and Ahn, SoCG 2016] or in O(n+mlog m+mlog^2 n) time [Oh and Ahn, SoCG 2017]. In this paper, we present a deterministic algorithm of O(n+mlog m) time, which is optimal. This answers an open question posed by Mitchell in the Handbook of Computational Geometry two decades ago.



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