An Open-source Library of Large Integer Polynomial Multipliers

by   Malik Imran, et al.

Polynomial multiplication is a bottleneck in most of the public-key cryptography protocols, including Elliptic-curve cryptography and several of the post-quantum cryptography algorithms presently being studied. In this paper, we present a library of various large integer polynomial multipliers to be used in hardware cryptocores. Our library contains both digitized and non-digitized multiplier flavours for circuit designers to choose from. The library is supported by a C++ generator that automatically produces the multipliers' logic in Verilog HDL that is amenable for FPGA and ASIC designs. Moreover, for ASICs, it also generates configurable and parameterizable synthesis scripts. The features of the generator allow for a quick generation and assessment of several architectures at the same time, thus allowing a designer to easily explore the (complex) optimization search space of polynomial multiplication.



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