An LSTM-based Plagiarism Detection via Attention Mechanism and a Population-based Approach for Pre-Training Parameters with imbalanced Classes

by   Seyed Vahid Moravvej, et al.

Plagiarism is one of the leading problems in academic and industrial environments, which its goal is to find the similar items in a typical document or source code. This paper proposes an architecture based on a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and attention mechanism called LSTM-AM-ABC boosted by a population-based approach for parameter initialization. Gradient-based optimization algorithms such as back-propagation (BP) are widely used in the literature for learning process in LSTM, attention mechanism, and feed-forward neural network, while they suffer from some problems such as getting stuck in local optima. To tackle this problem, population-based metaheuristic (PBMH) algorithms can be used. To this end, this paper employs a PBMH algorithm, artificial bee colony (ABC), to moderate the problem. Our proposed algorithm can find the initial values for model learning in all LSTM, attention mechanism, and feed-forward neural network, simultaneously. In other words, ABC algorithm finds a promising point for starting BP algorithm. For evaluation, we compare our proposed algorithm with both conventional and population-based methods. The results clearly show that the proposed method can provide competitive performance.


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