An iterative school decomposition algorithm for solving the multi-school bus routing and scheduling problem

by   Zhongxiang Wang, et al.

Servicing the school transportation demand safely with a minimum number of buses is one of the highest financial goals for school transportation directors. To achieve that objective, a good and efficient way to solve the routing and scheduling problem is required. Due to the growth of the computing power, the spotlight has been shed on solving the combined problem of the school bus routing and scheduling. A recent attempt tried to model the routing problem by maximizing the trip compatibilities with the hope of requiring fewer buses in the scheduling problem. However, an over-counting problem associated with trip compatibility could diminish the performance of this approach. An extended model is proposed in this paper to resolve this issue along with an iterative solution algorithm. This extended model is an integrated model for multi-school bus routing and scheduling problem. The result shows better solutions for 8 test problems can be found with a fewer number of buses (up to 25



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