An IoT Based Analytical System to Predict the Condition of an Emergency Patient

05/23/2020 ∙ by Abhijit Pathak, et al. ∙ 0

In much discipline, particularly in personalized healthcare, IoT is gaining rapidly increased interest. While, for example, body area sensor network (BASN) has been widely applied under the IoT system for universal health monitoring. ECG testing was widely accepted as a critical method for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases. This paper's main contribution presents the novel system, the WISE (wearable IoT-cloud bases health monitoring system for real-time personal health monitoring. WISE adopts the framework of the BASN (body area sensor network) in support of real-time health monitoring. Our paper's main purpose in light of the luxury or discussing better patient care. By improving the quality of care and patient safety, the health monitoring system can be used to promote basic nursing care in hospital environments. Bangladesh's rural area lacks the proper monitoring system for patients. Therefore, the main objectives are remote control and advice through sharing information in an authenticated manner. We have proposed a system for the monitoring of patients in real-time during major disasters. Our system is designed with scalable algorithms to track large numbers of patients, an intuitive interface to assist overworked responders, and ad-hoc mesh networking capabilities to maintain access to patients in chaotic environments. This paper describes an iterative approach to user-centered design adopted to guide development of our system.



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