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An Investigation And Insight Into Terrorism In Nigeria

by   Aamo Iorliam, et al.

Terrorism is one of the most serious life-challenging threat facing humanity around the world. The activities of terrorist organization threatens peace, disrupts progress and halts all-round development of any nation. Terrorist activities in Nigeria in the last decades has negatively affected the economic growth and has drastically reduced the possibilities of foreign investments in Nigeria. In this paper, statistical and inferential insights are applied to the terrorist activities in Nigeria between 1970 to 2019. Using the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), insights are made on the occurrences of terrorist attacks, the localities of target and the successful and unsuccessful rates of such attacks. The Apriori algorithm is also used in this paper to draw hidden patterns from the GTD in order to aid in the generation of strong rules through database mining, resulting in relevant insights. This understanding of terrorist activities will provide security agencies with the needed information to be one step ahead of terrorist, hence assisting in curbing terrorism in Nigeria.


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