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An Interactive Algorithmic Procedure for Promoting Individualized Environmental Tutoring

by   Odysseas Kopsidas, et al.

Abstract: - This work presents an interactive algorithmic procedure (IAP), including 21 activity stages and 4 decision nodes, for promoting individualized environmental tutoring. The proposed scheme is based on a modification of Holland’s methodology for quantifying the distribution of personality types while determining the degree of environmental awareness of young people in order to evaluate their attitudes and beliefs as regards their willingness to be actively engaged with the environment and provide educators valuable information that they may use to formulate proper educational material. The framework has been implemented in a sample of 240 students of secondary and tertiary education. Further to quantitative results obtained by estimating various kinds of correlations based on the answers to the questionnaire we designed/circulated, we have indicated that at least two personality types, the investigative and the artistic (after Holland), should be divided into sub-categories in order to establish more effective interactive links with the students that belong to these sub-categories. In accordance of these findings, we prepared paradigmatic assignments to serve as prototypes.


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