An intelligent household greenhouse system design based on Internet of Things

12/12/2018 ∙ by Zhonghua Han, et al. ∙ 0

In order to combine indoor greenery conservation with Internet of Things (IOT) Technologies, this paper designs an intelligent household greenhouse project with the features of comprehensive sensing, reliable transmission and intelligent processing. Through the analysis of functional requirements of the intelligent household greenhouse system, an intelligent household greenhouse system is designed with the functions of greenhouse environmental data detection, greenhouse environmental control regulation, data remote transmission and human-computer interaction. Its sensor layer collects environmental data in real time based on the ZigBee wireless sensor network. The network layer STM32 intelligent gateway coordinates with network server, so as to exchange data from sensor layer to application layer, and solve the problems of non-blocking of data sending and receiving as well as concurrent requests of multiple mobile terminals. The application layer is designed into two types. One is a desktop management system as a data storage and analysis center, and the other is a mobile terminal APP. At the same time, we design a communication protocol that is applicable to the interaction of the three-layer structure of the Internet of Things, with the characteristics of simplicity, stability, readability, and scalability. It can avoid the mutual influence of multi-level data exchange and ensure the correctness of data circulation. In the design, the system sensor layer ensures stable transmission of various data and instructions, and the network layer has a high degree of concurrency and real time. And various measurement and control data of the sensor layer can interact with the data of mobile-terminal equipment of the application layer. The desktop management system and mobile terminal APP can monitor greenhouse data in real time and control various actuators in the greenhouse.



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