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An In-Depth Analysis of Ride-Hailing Travel Using a Large-scale Trip-Based Dataset

by   Jianhe Du, et al.

With the rapid increase in ride-hailing (RH) use, a need to better understand and regulate the industry arises. This paper analyzes a year's worth of RH trip data from the Greater Chicago Area to study RH trip patterns. More than 104 million trips were analyzed. For trip rates, the results show that the total number of trips remained stable over the year, with pooled trips steadily decreasing from 20 to 9 percent. People tend to use RH more on weekends compared to weekdays. Specifically, weekend RH trip counts (per day) are, on average, 20 percent higher than weekday trip counts. The results of this work will help policy makers and transportation administrators better understand the nature of RH trips, which in turn allows for the design of a better regulation and guidance system for the ride-hailing industry.


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