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An Improved Image Mosaicing Algorithm for Damaged Documents

by   Waheeda Dhokley, et al.

It is a common phenomenon in day to day life; where in some of the document gets damaged. Out of several reasons, the main reason for documents getting damaged is shredding by hands. Recovery of such documents is essential. Manual recovery of such damaged document is tedious and time consuming task. In this paper, we are describing an algorithm which recovers the original document from such shredded pieces of the same. In order to implement this, we are using a simple technique called Image Mosaicing. In this technique a complete new image is developed using two or more torn fragments. For simplicity of implementation, we are considering only two torn pieces of a document that will be mosaiced together. The successful implementation of this algorithm would lead to recovery of important information which in turn would be beneficial in various fields such as forensic sciences, archival study, etc


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