An Impact Model of AI on the Principles of Justice: Encompassing the Autonomous Levels of AI Legal Reasoning

08/26/2020 ∙ by Lance Eliot, et al. ∙ 0

Efforts furthering the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increasingly encompass AI Legal Reasoning (AILR) as a crucial element in the practice of law. It is argued in this research paper that the infusion of AI into existing and future legal activities and the judicial structure needs to be undertaken by mindfully observing an alignment with the core principles of justice. As such, the adoption of AI has a profound twofold possibility of either usurping the principles of justice, doing so in a Dystopian manner, and yet also capable to bolster the principles of justice, doing so in a Utopian way. By examining the principles of justice across the Levels of Autonomy (LoA) of AI Legal Reasoning, the case is made that there is an ongoing tension underlying the efforts to develop and deploy AI that can demonstrably determine the impacts and sway upon each core principle of justice and the collective set.



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