An Image Fusion Scheme for Single-Shot High Dynamic Range Imaging with Spatially Varying Exposures

08/22/2019 ∙ by Chihiro Go, et al. ∙ 8

This paper proposes a novel multi-exposure image fusion (MEF) scheme for single-shot high dynamic range imaging with spatially varying exposures (SVE). Single-shot imaging with SVE enables us not only to produce images without color saturation regions from a single-shot image, but also to avoid ghost artifacts in the producing ones. However, the number of exposures is generally limited to two, and moreover it is difficult to decide the optimum exposure values before the photographing. In the proposed scheme, a scene segmentation method is applied to input multi-exposure images, and then the luminance of the input images is adjusted according to both of the number of scenes and the relationship between exposure values and pixel values. The proposed method with the luminance adjustment allows us to improve the above two issues. In this paper, we focus on dual-ISO imaging as one of single-shot imaging. In an experiment, the proposed scheme is demonstrated to be effective for single-shot high dynamic range imaging with SVE, compared with conventional MEF schemes with exposure compensation.



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