An Image Analogies Approach for Multi-Scale Contour Detection

07/21/2020 ∙ by Slimane Larabi, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper we deal with contour detection based on the recent image analogy principle which has been successfully used for super-resolution, texture and curves synthesis and interactive editing. Hand-drawn outlines are initially as benchmarks. Given such a reference image, we present a new method based on this expertise to locate contours of a query image in the same way that it is done for the reference (i.e by analogy). Applying a image analogies for contour detection using hand drawn images as leaning images cannot gives good result for any query image. The contour detection may be improved if we increase the number of learning images such that there will be exist similarity between query image and some reference images. In addition of the hardness of contours drawing task, this will increase considerably the time computation. We investigated in this work, how can we avoid this constraint in order to guaranty that all contour pixels will be located for any query image. Fourteen derived stereo patches, derived from a mathematical study, are the knowledge used in order to locate contours at different scales independently of the light conditions. Comprehensive experiments are conducted on different data sets (BSD 500, Horses of Weizmann). The obtained results show superior performance via precision and recall vs. hand-drawn contours at multiple resolutions to the reported state of the art.



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