An IDEA: An Ingestion Framework for Data Enrichment in AsterixDB

by   Xikui Wang, et al.
University of California, Irvine

Big Data today is being generated at an unprecedented rate from various sources such as sensors, applications, and devices, and it often needs to be enriched based on other existing information to support complex analytical queries. Depending on the use case, the enrichment operations can be compiled code, declarative queries, or machine learning models with different complexities. For enrichments that will be frequently used in the future, it can be advantageous to push their computation into the ingestion pipeline so that they can be stored (and queried) together with the data. In some cases, the referenced information may change over time, so the ingestion pipeline should be able to adapt to such changes to guarantee the currency and/or correctness of the enrichment results. In this paper, we present a new data ingestion framework that supports data ingestion at scale, enrichments requiring complex operations, and adaptiveness to reference data changes. We explain how this framework has been built on top of Apache AsterixDB and investigate its performance at scale under various workloads.


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