An ICT based Solution for Virtual Garment Fitting for Online Market Place: A Review of Related Literature

by   Hashini Gunatilake, et al.

In this paper, we describe various technologies that are being used in virtual garment fitting and simulation. There, we have focused about the usage of anthropometry in clothing industry and avatar generation of virtual garment fitting. Most commonly used technologies for avatar generation in virtual environment have been discussed in this paper such as generic body model and laser scanning. Moreover, this paper includes the real-time tracking technologies used in virtual garment fitting like markers and depth cameras in various related researches as well as how the virtual cloth generation and simulation carried out in the related researches. Apart from these, virtual clothing methods such as geometrical, physical and hybrid based models were also discussed in this paper. As ease allowance has a major impact on virtual cloth fitting, it is also considered in this paper related to similar researches. Within this paper, all the above mentioned areas were described thoroughly while stating the existing gap of the virtual garment fitting in online marketplaces.



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