An Expert System Approach for determine the stage of UiTM Perlis Palapes Cadet Performance and Ranking Selection

by   Tajul Rosli Razak, et al.

The palapes cadets are one of the uniform organizations in UiTM Perlis for extra-curricular activities. The palapes cadets arrange their organization in a hierarchy according to grade. Senior uniform officer (SUO) is the highest rank, followed by a junior uniform officer (JUO), sergeant, corporal, lance corporal, and lastly, cadet officer, which is the lowest rank. The palapes organization has several methods to measure performance toward promotion to a higher rank, whether individual performance or in a group. Cadets are selected for promotion based on demonstrated leadership abilities, acquired skills, physical fitness, and comprehension of information as measured through standardized testing. However, this method is too complicated when manually assessed by a trainer or coach. Therefore, this study will propose an expert system, which is one of the artificial intelligence techniques that can recognize the readiness and progression of a palapes cadet.


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