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An Evolutionary Approach to Drug-Design Using a Novel Neighbourhood Based Genetic Algorithm

by   Arnab Ghosh, et al.

The present work provides a new approach to evolve ligand structures which represent possible drug to be docked to the active site of the target protein. The structure is represented as a tree where each non-empty node represents a functional group. It is assumed that the active site configuration of the target protein is known with position of the essential residues. In this paper the interaction energy of the ligands with the protein target is minimized. Moreover, the size of the tree is difficult to obtain and it will be different for different active sites. To overcome the difficulty, a variable tree size configuration is used for designing ligands. The optimization is done using a novel Neighbourhood Based Genetic Algorithm (NBGA) which uses dynamic neighbourhood topology. To get variable tree size, a variable-length version of the above algorithm is devised. To judge the merit of the algorithm, it is initially applied on the well known Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP).


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