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An event detection technique using social media data

by   Muskan Garg, et al.

People post information about different topics which are in their active vocabulary over social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, PInterest and Google+). They follow each other and it is more likely that the person who posts information about current happenings will receive better response. Manual analysis of huge amount of data on social media platforms is difficult. This has opened new research directions for automatic analysis of usercontributed social media documents. Automatic social media data analysis is difficult due to abundant information shared by users. Many researchers use Twitter data for Social Media Analysis (SMA) as the Twitter data is freely available in the public domain. One of the most this research work. Event Detection from social media data is used for different applications like traffic congestion detection, disaster and emergency management, and live news detection. Nature of the information which is shared on twitter platform is short-text, noisy, and ambiguous. Thus, event detection and extraction of event phrases from user-generated and illformed data becomes challenging. To address these challenges, events are extracted from streaming social media data in the form of keyphrases using different cognitive properties. The motivation behind this research work is to provide substantial improvements in the lexical variation of event phrases while detecting events and sub-events from twitter data. In this research work, the approach towards event detection from social media data is divided into three phases namely: Identifying sub-graphs in Microblog Word Co-occurrence Network (WCN) which provides important information about keyphrases; Identifying multiple events from social media data; and Ranking contextual information of event phrases.


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