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An Enriched Immersed Finite Element Method for Interface Problems with Nonhomogeneous Jump Conditions

by   Slimane Adjerid, et al.

This article presents and analyzes a p^th-degree immersed finite element (IFE) method for elliptic interface problems with nonhomogeneous jump conditions. In this method, jump conditions are approximated optimally by basic IFE and enrichment IFE piecewise polynomial functions constructed by solving local Cauchy problems on interface elements. The proposed IFE method is based on a discontinuous Galerkin formulation on interface elements and a continuous Galerkin formulation on non-interface elements. This p^th-degree IFE method is proved to converge optimally under mesh refinement. In addition, this article addresses the stability of this IFE method and has established upper bounds for its condition numbers which are optimal with respect to the mesh size but suboptimal with respect to the contrast of the discontinuous coefficient.


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