An Enhanced Buffer Management Scheme for Multimedia Traffic in HSDPA

by   Suleiman Y. Yerima, et al.

High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) was introduced to UMTS radio access segment to provide higher capacity for new packet switched services. As a result, packet switched sessions with multiple diverse traffic flows such as concurrent voice and data, or video and data being transmitted to the same user are a likely commonplace cellular packet data scenario. In HSDPA, Radio Access Network (RAN) buffer management schemes are essential to support the end-to-end QoS of such sessions. Hence in this paper we present the end-to-end performance study of a proposed RAN buffer management scheme for multi-flow sessions via dynamic system-level HSDPA simulations. The scheme is an enhancement of a Time-Space Priority (TSP)queuing strategy applied to the Node B MAC-hs buffer allocated to an end user with concurrent real-time (RT) and non-real-time (NRT) flows during a multi-flow session. The experimental multiflow scenario is a packet voice call with concurrent TCP-based file download to the same user. Results show that with the proposed enhancements to the TSP-based RAN buffer management,end-to-end QoS performance gains accrue to the NRT flow without compromising RT flow QoS of the same end user session.


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