An energy-based discontinuous Galerkin method for dynamic Euler-Bernoulli beam equations

by   Lu Zhang, et al.

In this paper, an energy-based discontinuous Galerkin method for dynamic Euler-Bernoulli beam equations is developed. The resulting method is energy-dissipating or energy-conserving depending on the simple, mesh-independent choice of numerical fluxes. By introducing a velocity field, the original problem is transformed into a first-order in time system. In our formulation, the discontinuous Galerkin approximations for the original displacement field and the auxiliary velocity field are not restricted to be in the same space. In particular, a given accuracy can be achieved with the fewest degrees of freedom when the degree for the approximation space of the velocity field is two orders lower than the degree of approximation space for the displacement field. In addition, we establish the error estimates in an energy norm and demonstrate the corresponding optimal convergence in numerical experiments.


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