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An Efficient Watermarking Algorithm to Improve Payload and Robustness without Affecting Image Perceptual Quality

by   Er. Deepak Aggarwal, et al.

Capacity, Robustness, & Perceptual quality of watermark data are very important issues to be considered. A lot of research is going on to increase these parameters for watermarking of the digital images, as there is always a tradeoff among them. . In this paper an efficient watermarking algorithm to improve payload and robustness without affecting perceptual quality of image data based on DWT is discussed. The aim of the paper is to employ the nested watermarks in wavelet domain which increases the capacity and ultimately the robustness against attacks and selection of different scaling factor values for LL & HH bands and during embedding not to create the visible artifacts in the original image and therefore the original and watermarked image is similar.


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