An Efficient UAV-based Artificial Intelligence Framework for Real-Time Visual Tasks

by   Enkhtogtokh Togootogtokh, et al.

Modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are opening to a wide plethora of novel and interesting applications. While this field received a strong impact from the recent AI breakthroughs, most of the provided solutions either entirely rely on commercial software or provide a weak integration interface which denies the development of additional techniques. This leads us to propose a novel and efficient framework for the UAV-AI joint technology. Intelligent UAV systems encounter complex challenges to be tackled without human control. One of these complex challenges is to be able to carry out computer vision tasks in real-time use cases. In this paper we focus on this challenge and introduce a multi-layer AI (MLAI) framework to allow easy integration of ad-hoc visual-based AI applications. To show its features and its advantages, we implemented and evaluated different modern visual-based deep learning models for object detection, target tracking and target handover.



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