An efficient real-time target tracking algorithm using adaptive feature fusion

by   Yanyan Liu, et al.

Visual-based target tracking is easily influenced by multiple factors, such as background clutter, targets fast-moving, illumination variation, object shape change, occlusion, etc. These factors influence the tracking accuracy of a target tracking task. To address this issue, an efficient real-time target tracking method based on a low-dimension adaptive feature fusion is proposed to allow us the simultaneous implementation of the high-accuracy and real-time target tracking. First, the adaptive fusion of a histogram of oriented gradient (HOG) feature and color feature is utilized to improve the tracking accuracy. Second, a convolution dimension reduction method applies to the fusion between the HOG feature and color feature to reduce the over-fitting caused by their high-dimension fusions. Third, an average correlation energy estimation method is used to extract the relative confidence adaptive coefficients to ensure tracking accuracy. We experimentally confirm the proposed method on an OTB100 data set. Compared with nine popular target tracking algorithms, the proposed algorithm gains the highest tracking accuracy and success tracking rate. Compared with the traditional Sum of Template and Pixel-wise LEarners (STAPLE) algorithm, the proposed algorithm can obtain a higher success rate and accuracy, improving by 0.023 and 0.019, respectively. The experimental results also demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can reach the real-time target tracking with 50 fps. The proposed method paves a more promising way for real-time target tracking tasks under a complex environment, such as appearance deformation, illumination change, motion blur, background, similarity, scale change, and occlusion.


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