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An Efficient Permissioned Blockchain Model with Provable Reputation Mechanism

by   Hongyin Chen, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Peking University

Permissioned blockchain, in which only known nodes are allowed to participate, has been widely used by governments, companies, institutes and so on. We study the case where permissioned blockchain is applied to the field of horizontal strategic alliances to ensure that any participant of the alliance who does not follow the regulation will be detected and punished for his behavior afterward. We propose a general hierarchical model of permissioned blockchain which includes three tiers: providers, collectors, and governors. To utilize the overlap of collectors in gathering transactions from providers, we introduce the reputation as a measure of the reliability of the collectors. With the help of reputation system, governors will not need to check all transactions uploaded by collectors. As a result, our protocol will have a significant improvement in efficiency. Meanwhile, let us denote T to be the number of total transactions. Then the number of mistakes that governors suffer is only asymptotically O(√(T)) when guided by our reputation mechanism, as long as there exists a collector who behaves well. This result implies that our protocol remains high performance. The reputation mechanism also provides incentives for collectors to work honestly. To our knowledge, Our work is the first one to give an analytical result on reputation mechanism in permissioned blockchains. Furthermore, we demonstrate two typical cases where our model can be well applied to.


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