An Efficient Framework for Execution of Smart Contracts in Hyperledger Sawtooth

by   Manaswini Piduguralla, et al.

Blockchain technology is a distributed, decentralized, and immutable ledger system. It is the platform of choice for managing smart contract transactions (SCTs). Smart contracts are self-executing codes of agreement between interested parties commonly implemented using blockchains. A block contains a set of transactions representing changes to the system and a hash of the previous block. The SCTs are executed multiple times during the block production and validation phases across the network. The execution is sequential in most blockchain technologies. In this work, we incorporate a direct acyclic graph (DAG) based parallel scheduler framework for concurrent execution of SCTs. The dependencies among a block's transactions are represented through a concurrent DAG data structure that assists in throughput optimization. We have created a DAG scheduler module that can be incorporated into blockchain platforms for concurrent execution with ease. We have also formally established the safety and liveness properties of the DAG scheduler. For evaluation, our framework is implemented in Hyperledger Sawtooth V1.2.6. The performance across multiple smart contract applications is measured for various scheduler types. Experimental analysis shows that the proposed framework achieves notable performance improvements over the parallel SCT execution frameworks.


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