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An Effective and Robust Detector for Logo Detection

by   Xiaojun Jia, et al.
Beihang University

In recent years, intellectual property (IP), which represents literary, inventions, artistic works, etc, gradually attract more and more people's attention. Particularly, with the rise of e-commerce, the IP not only represents the product design and brands, but also represents the images/videos displayed on e-commerce platforms. Unfortunately, some attackers adopt some adversarial methods to fool the well-trained logo detection model for infringement. To overcome this problem, a novel logo detector based on the mechanism of looking and thinking twice is proposed in this paper for robust logo detection. The proposed detector is different from other mainstream detectors, which can effectively detect small objects, long-tail objects, and is robust to adversarial images. In detail, we extend detectoRS algorithm to a cascade schema with an equalization loss function, multi-scale transformations, and adversarial data augmentation. A series of experimental results have shown that the proposed method can effectively improve the robustness of the detection model. Moreover, we have applied the proposed methods to competition ACM MM2021 Robust Logo Detection that is organized by Alibaba on the Tianchi platform and won top 2 in 36489 teams. Code is available at


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