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An Easy to Use Repository for Comparing and Improving Machine Learning Algorithm Usage

by   Michael R. Smith, et al.
Brigham Young University

The results from most machine learning experiments are used for a specific purpose and then discarded. This results in a significant loss of information and requires rerunning experiments to compare learning algorithms. This also requires implementation of another algorithm for comparison, that may not always be correctly implemented. By storing the results from previous experiments, machine learning algorithms can be compared easily and the knowledge gained from them can be used to improve their performance. The purpose of this work is to provide easy access to previous experimental results for learning and comparison. These stored results are comprehensive -- storing the prediction for each test instance as well as the learning algorithm, hyperparameters, and training set that were used. Previous results are particularly important for meta-learning, which, in a broad sense, is the process of learning from previous machine learning results such that the learning process is improved. While other experiment databases do exist, one of our focuses is on easy access to the data. We provide meta-learning data sets that are ready to be downloaded for meta-learning experiments. In addition, queries to the underlying database can be made if specific information is desired. We also differ from previous experiment databases in that our databases is designed at the instance level, where an instance is an example in a data set. We store the predictions of a learning algorithm trained on a specific training set for each instance in the test set. Data set level information can then be obtained by aggregating the results from the instances. The instance level information can be used for many tasks such as determining the diversity of a classifier or algorithmically determining the optimal subset of training instances for a learning algorithm.


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