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An authorship protection technology for electronic documents based on image watermarking

by   Anna Melman, et al.

In the field of information technology, information security technologies hold a special place. They ensure the security of the use of information technology. One of the urgent tasks is the protection of electronic documents during their transfer in information systems. This paper proposes a technology for protecting electronic documents containing digital images. The main idea is that the electronic document authorship protection can be implemented by digital watermark embedding in the images that are contained in this document. The paper considers three cases of using the proposed technology: full copying of an electronic document, copying of images contained in the document, and copying of text. It is shown that in all three cases the authorship confirmation can be successfully implemented. Computational experiments are conducted with robust watermarking algorithms that can be used within the technology. A scenario of technology implementation is proposed, which provides for the joint use of different class algorithms.


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