An Attention Self-supervised Contrastive Learning based Three-stage Model for Hand Shape Feature Representation in Cued Speech

by   Jianrong Wang, et al.

Cued Speech (CS) is a communication system for deaf people or hearing impaired people, in which a speaker uses it to aid a lipreader in phonetic level by clarifying potentially ambiguous mouth movements with hand shape and positions. Feature extraction of multi-modal CS is a key step in CS recognition. Recent supervised deep learning based methods suffer from noisy CS data annotations especially for hand shape modality. In this work, we first propose a self-supervised contrastive learning method to learn the feature representation of image without using labels. Secondly, a small amount of manually annotated CS data are used to fine-tune the first module. Thirdly, we present a module, which combines Bi-LSTM and self-attention networks to further learn sequential features with temporal and contextual information. Besides, to enlarge the volume and the diversity of the current limited CS datasets, we build a new British English dataset containing 5 native CS speakers. Evaluation results on both French and British English datasets show that our model achieves over 90 of 8.75 phoneme recognition correctness compared with the state-of-the-art.



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