An Architecture for the Integration of Different Functional and Structural Plant Models

by   Qinqin Long, et al.

Plant scientists use Functional Structural Plant Models (FSPMs) to model plant systems within a limited space-time range. To allow FSPMs to abstract complex plant systems beyond a single model's limitation, an integration that compounds different FSPMs could be a possible solution. However, the integration involves many technical dimensions and a generic software infrastructure for all integration cases is not possible. In this paper, we analyze the requirements of the integration with all the technical dimensions. Instead of an infrastructure, we propose a generic architecture with specific process-related components as a logical level solution by combining an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) based sub architecture and a C/S (Client/Server) based sub architecture. This allows the integration of different FSP models hosted on the same and different FSP modeling platforms in a flexible way. We demonstrate the usability of the architecture by the implementation of a full infrastructure for the integration of two specific FSPMs, and we illustrate the effectiveness of the infrastructure by several integrative tests.



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