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An Architecture for Person-Following using Active Target Search

by   Minkyu Kim, et al.

This paper addresses a novel architecture for person-following robots using active search. The proposed system can be applied in real-time to general mobile robots for learning features of a human, detecting and tracking, and finally navigating towards that person. To succeed at person-following, perception, planning, and robot behavior need to be integrated properly. Toward this end, an active target searching capability, including prediction and navigation toward vantage locations for finding human targets, is proposed. The proposed capability aims at improving the robustness and efficiency for tracking and following people under dynamic conditions such as crowded environments. A multi-modal sensor information approach including fusing an RGB-D sensor and a laser scanner, is pursued to robustly track and identify human targets. Bayesian filtering for keeping track of human and a regression algorithm to predict the trajectory of people are investigated. In order to make the robot autonomous, the proposed framework relies on a behavior-tree structure. Using Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR), real-time experiments demonstrate that the proposed architecture can generate fast, efficient person-following behaviors.


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