An anthropological account of the Vim text editor: features and tweaks after 10 years of usage

by   Renato Fabbri, et al.

The Vim text editor is very rich in capabilities and thus complex. This article is a description of Vim and a set of considerations about its usage and design. It results from more than ten years of experience in using Vim for writing and editing various types of documents, e.g. Python, C++, JavaScript, ChucK programs; , Markdown, HTML, RDF, Make and other markup files; binary files. It is commonplace, in the Vim users and developers communities, to say that it takes about ten years to master (or start mastering) this text editor, and I find that other experienced users have a different view of Vim and that they use a different set of features. Therefore, this document exposes my understandings in order to confront my usage with that of other Vim users. Another goal is to make available a reference document with which new users can grasp a sound overview by reading it and the discussions that it might generate. Also, it should be useful for users of any degree of experience, including me, as a compendium of commands, namespaces and tweaks. Upon feedback, and maturing of my Vim usage, this document might be enhanced and expanded.


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