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An Analysis of Scale Invariance in Object Detection - SNIP

by   Bharat Singh, et al.

An analysis of different techniques for recognizing and detecting objects under extreme scale variation is presented. Scale specific and scale invariant design of detectors are compared by training them with different configurations of input data. To examine if upsampling images is necessary for detecting small objects, we evaluate the performance of different network architectures for classifying small objects on ImageNet. Based on this analysis, we propose a deep end-to-end trainable Image Pyramid Network for object detection which operates on the same image scales during training and inference. Since small and large objects are difficult to recognize at smaller and larger scales respectively, we present a novel training scheme called Scale Normalization for Image Pyramids (SNIP) which selectively back-propagates the gradients of object instances of different sizes as a function of the image scale. On the COCO dataset, our single model performance is 45.7 obtains an mAP of 48.3 with bounding box supervision. Our submission won the Best Student Entry in the COCO 2017 challenge. Code will be made available at


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