An all speed second order well-balanced IMEX relaxation scheme for the Euler equations with gravity

12/19/2019 ∙ by Andrea Thomann, et al. ∙ 0

We present an implicit-explicit well-balanced finite volume scheme for the Euler equations with a gravitational source term which is able to deal also with low Mach flows. To visualize the different scales we use the non-dimensionalized equations on which we apply a pressure splitting and a Suliciu relaxation. On the resulting model, we apply a splitting of the flux into a linear implicit and an non-linear explicit part that leads to a scale independent time-step. The explicit step consists of a Godunov type method based on an approximative Riemann solver where the source term is included in the flux formulation. We develop the method for a first order scheme and give an extension to second order. Both schemes are designed to be well-balanced, preserve the positivity of density and internal energy and have a scale independent diffusion. We give the low Mach limit equations for well-prepared data and show that the scheme is asymptotic preserving. These properties are numerically validated by various test cases.



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