An algorithm for improving the quality of compacted JPEG image by minimizes the blocking artifacts

by   Sukhpal Singh, et al.

The Block Transform Coded, JPEG- a lossy image compression format has been used to keep storage and bandwidth requirements of digital image at practical levels. However, JPEG compression schemes may exhibit unwanted image artifacts to appear - such as the 'blocky' artifact found in smooth/monotone areas of an image, caused by the coarse quantization of DCT coefficients. A number of image filtering approaches have been analyzed in literature incorporating value-averaging filters in order to smooth out the discontinuities that appear across DCT block boundaries. Although some of these approaches are able to decrease the severity of these unwanted artifacts to some extent, other approaches have certain limitations that cause excessive blurring to high-contrast edges in the image. The image deblocking algorithm presented in this paper aims to filter the blocked boundaries. This is accomplished by employing smoothening, detection of blocked edges and then filtering the difference between the pixels containing the blocked edge. The deblocking algorithm presented has been successful in reducing blocky artifacts in an image and therefore increases the subjective as well as objective quality of the reconstructed image.



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