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An Algorithm for Automatically Updating a Forsyth-Edwards Notation String Without an Array Board Representation

by   Azlan Iqbal, et al.

We present an algorithm that correctly updates the Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) chessboard character string after any move is made without the need for an intermediary array representation of the board. In particular, this relates to software that have to do with chess, certain chess variants and possibly even similar board games with comparable position representation. Even when performance may be equal or inferior to using arrays, the algorithm still provides an accurate and viable alternative to accomplishing the same thing, or when there may be a need for additional or side processing in conjunction with arrays. Furthermore, the end result (i.e. an updated FEN string) is immediately ready for export to any other internal module or external program, unlike with an intermediary array which needs to be first converted into a FEN string for export purposes. The algorithm is especially useful when there are no existing array-based modules to represent a visual board as it can do without them entirely. We provide examples that demonstrate the correctness of the algorithm given a variety of positions involving castling, en passant and pawn promotion.


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