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An Algebraic Hardness Criterion for Surjective Constraint Satisfaction

by   Hubie Chen, et al.

The constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) on a relational structure B is to decide, given a set of constraints on variables where the relations come from B, whether or not there is a assignment to the variables satisfying all of the constraints; the surjective CSP is the variant where one decides the existence of a surjective satisfying assignment onto the universe of B. We present an algebraic condition on the polymorphism clone of B and prove that it is sufficient for the hardness of the surjective CSP on a finite structure B, in the sense that this problem admits a reduction from a certain fixed-structure CSP. To our knowledge, this is the first result that allows one to use algebraic information from a relational structure B to infer information on the complexity hardness of surjective constraint satisfaction on B. A corollary of our result is that, on any finite non-trivial structure having only essentially unary polymorphisms, surjective constraint satisfaction is NP-complete.


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