An adaptive Simulated Annealing-based satellite observation scheduling method combined with a dynamic task clustering strategy

by   Guohua Wu, et al.

Efficient scheduling is of great significance to rationally make use of scarce satellite resources. Task clustering has been demonstrated to realize an effective strategy to improve the efficiency of satellite scheduling. However, the previous task clustering strategy is static. That is, it is integrated into the scheduling in a two-phase manner rather than in a dynamic fashion, without expressing its full potential in improving the satellite scheduling performance. In this study, we present an adaptive Simulated Annealing based scheduling algorithm aggregated with a dynamic task clustering strategy (or ASA-DTC for short) for satellite observation scheduling problems (SOSPs). First, we develop a formal model for the scheduling of Earth observing satellites. Second, we analyze the related constraints involved in the observation task clustering process. Thirdly, we detail an implementation of the dynamic task clustering strategy and the adaptive Simulated Annealing algorithm. The adaptive Simulated Annealing algorithm is efficient, with the endowment of some sophisticated mechanisms, i.e. adaptive temperature control, tabu-list based revisiting avoidance mechanism, and intelligent combination of neighborhood structures. Finally, we report on experimental simulation studies to demonstrate the competitive performance of ASA-DTC. Moreover, we show that ASA-DTC is especially effective when SOSPs contain a large number of targets or these targets are densely distributed in a certain area.


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