An Adaptive Digital Autopilot for Fixed-Wing Aircraft with Actuator Faults

by   Joonghyun Lee, et al.

This paper develops an adaptive digital autopilot for a fixed-wing aircraft and compares its performance with a fixed-gain autopilot. The adaptive digital autopilot is constructed by augmenting the autopilot architecture implemented in PX4 flight stack with adaptive digital control laws that are updated using the retrospective cost adaptive control algorithm. In order to investigate the performance of the adaptive digital autopilot, the default gains of the fixed-gain autopilot are scaled down to degrade its performance. This scenario provides a venue for determining the ability of the adaptive digital autopilot to compensate for the detuned fixed-gain autopilot. Next, the performance of the adaptive autopilot is examined under failure conditions by simulating a scenario where one of the control surfaces is assumed to be stuck at an unknown angular position. The adaptive digital autopilot is tested in simulation, and the resulting performance improvements are examined.



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