An accurate methodology for surface tension modeling in OpenFOAM

by   Abd Essamade Saufi, et al.

In this paper a numerical methodology for surface tension modeling is presented, with an emphasis on the implementation in the OpenFOAM framework. The methodology relies on a combination of (i) a well-balanced approach based on the Ghost Fluid Method (GFM), including the jump of density and pressure directly in the numerical discretization of the pressure equation, and (ii) Height Functions to evaluate the interface curvature, implemented, to the authors' knowledge, for the first time in OpenFOAM. The method is able to significantly reduce spurious currents (almost to machine accuracy) for a stationary droplet, showing second order convergence both for the curvature and the interface shape. Accurate results are also obtained for additional test cases such as translating droplets, capillary oscillations and rising bubbles, for which numerical results are comparable to what obtained by other numerical codes in the same conditions. Finally, the Height Functions method is extended to include the treatment of contact angles, both for sessile droplets and droplets suspended under the effect of gravity, showing a very good agreement with the theoretical prediction. The code works in parallel mode and details on the actual implementation in OpenFOAM are included to facilitate the reproducibility of the results.


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