An Accurate Low-Order Discretization Scheme for the Identity Operator in the Magnetic Field and Combined Field Integral Equations

by   Jonas Kornprobst, et al.

A new low-order discretization scheme for the identity operator in the magnetic field integral equation (MFIE) is discussed. Its concept is derived from the weak-form representation of combined sources which are discretized with Rao-Wilton-Glisson (RWG) functions. The resulting MFIE overcomes the accuracy problem of the classical MFIE while it maintains fast iterative solver convergence. The improvement in accuracy is verified with a mesh refinement analysis and with near- and far-field scattering results. Furthermore, simulation results for a combined field integral equation (CFIE) involving the new MFIE show that this CFIE is interior-resonance free and well-conditioned like the classical CFIE, but also accurate as the EFIE.



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