AMReX: Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multiphysics Applications

by   Weiqun Zhang, et al.

Block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) provides the basis for the temporal and spatial discretization strategy for a number of ECP applications in the areas of accelerator design, additive manufacturing, astrophysics, combustion, cosmology, multiphase flow, and wind plant modelling. AMReX is a software framework that provides a unified infrastructure with the functionality needed for these and other AMR applications to be able to effectively and efficiently utilize machines from laptops to exascale architectures. AMR reduces the computational cost and memory footprint compared to a uniform mesh while preserving accurate descriptions of different physical processes in complex multi-physics algorithms. AMReX supports algorithms that solve systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) in simple or complex geometries, and those that use particles and/or particle-mesh operations to represent component physical processes. In this paper, we will discuss the core elements of the AMReX framework such as data containers and iterators as well as several specialized operations to meet the needs of the application projects. In addition we will highlight the strategy that the AMReX team is pursuing to achieve highly performant code across a range of accelerator-based architectures for a variety of different applications.


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