Alleviating Datapath Conflicts and Design Centralization in Graph Analytics Acceleration

by   Haiyang Lin, et al.
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Previous graph analytics accelerators have achieved great improvement on throughput by alleviating irregular off-chip memory accesses. However, on-chip side datapath conflicts and design centralization have become the critical issues hindering further throughput improvement. In this paper, a general solution, Multiple-stage Decentralized Propagation network (MDP-network), is proposed to address these issues, inspired by the key idea of trading latency for throughput. Besides, a novel High throughput Graph analytics accelerator, HiGraph, is proposed by deploying MDP-network to address each issue in practice. The experiment shows that compared with state-of-the-art accelerator, HiGraph achieves up to 2.2x speedup (1.5x on average) as well as better scalability.


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