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All of the Fairness for Edge Prediction with Optimal Transport

by   Charlotte Laclau, et al.

Machine learning and data mining algorithms have been increasingly used recently to support decision-making systems in many areas of high societal importance such as healthcare, education, or security. While being very efficient in their predictive abilities, the deployed algorithms sometimes tend to learn an inductive model with a discriminative bias due to the presence of this latter in the learning sample. This problem gave rise to a new field of algorithmic fairness where the goal is to correct the discriminative bias introduced by a certain attribute in order to decorrelate it from the model's output. In this paper, we study the problem of fairness for the task of edge prediction in graphs, a largely underinvestigated scenario compared to a more popular setting of fair classification. To this end, we formulate the problem of fair edge prediction, analyze it theoretically, and propose an embedding-agnostic repairing procedure for the adjacency matrix of an arbitrary graph with a trade-off between the group and individual fairness. We experimentally show the versatility of our approach and its capacity to provide explicit control over different notions of fairness and prediction accuracy.


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