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Algorithms for weighted independent transversals and strong colouring

by   Alessandra Graf, et al.

An independent transversal (IT) in a graph with a given vertex partition is an independent set consisting of one vertex in each partition class. Several sufficient conditions are known for the existence of an IT in a given graph with a given vertex partition, which have been used over the years to solve many combinatorial problems. Some of these IT existence theorems have algorithmic proofs, but there remains a gap between the best bounds given by nonconstructive results, and those obtainable by efficient algorithms. Recently, Graf and Haxell (2018) described a new (deterministic) algorithm that asymptotically closes this gap, but there are limitations on its applicability. In this paper we develop a randomized version of this algorithm that is much more widely applicable, and demonstrate its use by giving efficient algorithms for two problems concerning the strong chromatic number of graphs.


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