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Algebraizability of the Logic of Quasi-N4-Lattices

by   Clodomir Silva Lima Neto, et al.
Instituto Federal de Educação

The class of quasi-N4-lattices (QN4-lattices) was introduced as a common generalization of quasi-Nelson algebras and N4-lattices, in such a way that N4-lattices are precisely the QN4-lattices satisfying the double negation law (  x = x) and quasi-Nelson algebras are the QN4-lattices satisfying the explosive law (x ^  x) -> y = ((x ^  x) -> y) -> ((x ^  x) -> y). In this paper we introduce, via a Hilbert-style presentation, a logic (L_QN4) whose algebraic semantics is a class of algebras that we show to be term-equivalent to QN4-lattices. The result is obtained by showing that the calculus introduced by us is algebraizable in the sense of Blok and Pigozzi, and its equivalent algebraic semantics is term-equivalent to the class of QN4-lattices. As a prospect for future investigation, we consider the question of how one could place L_QN4 within the family of relevance logics.


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